The Israeli National Center of
Blue Economy & Innovation

Blue Economy

A sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth.

The ocean is at the foundation of life on the planet and plays a vital role in safeguarding that some of our most basic needs are met.

The Blue Economy combines a broader vision of activities that can offer important sources of sustainable economic development.

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Globally, the blue economy generates over EUR. 2.5 trillion a year. This makes oceans the 7th largest economy in the world, in terms of GDP.

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The established sectors of the EU Blue Economy generated in 2019 in gross value added.

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The established sectors of the EU Blue Economy generated in 2019 in turnover.

Blue Economy:
The next global impact

The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy focuses on advanced technology in the maritime industry, driving sustainable innovation across emerging markets in the Blue Economy.

Addresses unmet needs in a large and growing Markets.

Affects National Values

Improving Environmental Aspects

What We Do?

We provide a dynamic and agile environment in which innovative entrepreneurs in the maritime field can flourish.

Our Vision

To lead the technological entrepreneurial ecosystem based on sustainable Innovation in the maritime field.

Our Mission

Positioning Israel as a World Leader in Blue Tech

Creating an innovation and technology hub in the urban space of Haifa and the Innovation District, which will be a magnet for technological entrepreneurial activities in the maritime field.

Improving the Impact on the Environment.

Promoting technologies that are in line with ESG indicators and SDG goals, support the preservation of the environment and biodiversity, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Areas of Activity

Leadership Team

Lior Hanuka

Lior is the CEO of HiCenter Ventures, a business-technology entrepreneurship center in Haifa’s Innovation District.

Lior has over 20 years of experience in investments and Venture Capital investments, managing and consulting start-ups, advising investors, and leading fundraising processes in Israel and abroad.

Hila Ehrenreich

Hila is the Chief Executive of The Israeli National center for blue economy and innovation.

Hila has more than 15 years of experience in environment and infrastructure. Former, VP of BizDev and regulation in a technology incubator and CEO of a maritime government company.

Iris Tzur

Iris is Head of Marketing & International Relations with the Israeli National Center for blue economy and innovation.

Iris is an ex-Googler with 15 years of international experience in marketing and communications in the areas of tech, sustainability, and government.

Omri Shamir

Omri is Head of Business Development with the Israeli National Center of Blue Economy and Innovation.

Omri has over 10 years of experience as a Founder and CEO of an open innovation cross-border accelerator, focusing on international go-to-market strategies and execution.

We Believe That in Blue Tech,
Purpose And Profit Can Go Together


Our Partners

Our Portfolio

BlueGreen Water Technologies
Electric Algae
Pick a Pier
Sima Analytics

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