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Institute for Maritime Policy and Strategy

The Maritime Policy and Strategy Institute (MPS) is a leading organization that shapes policies and strategies for Israel’s maritime domain. It has a team of dozens of researchers and experts who actively engage in critical research and political analysis, providing recommendations to policymakers. The institute plays an active role in Israel’s public discourse on maritime domain matters. It is the only research institute for maritime policy and strategy in Israel, filling a critical void in addressing these issues.


The Center for Maritime Policy & Strategy (HMS) was established at the University of Haifa under the leadership of Professor Shaul Chorev. The center was founded with the vision of Mr. Dov Shafir and was strongly supported by Admiral Ret. Ami Ayalon, who was then the head of the University of Haifa Executive Committee.


HMS moved its research activities to the Haifa-based Israeli National Center of Blue Economy and Innovation (INCBE). This center operates with an entrepreneurial approach and focuses on the Israeli Blue Economy and Innovation. The INCBE is located at the premises of the Haifa Hi-Center. As a result of this move, the institute added an additional role to its mission statement. The institute modified its name and is now known as the Institute for Maritime Policy and Strategy (MPS).

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