Pricay Policy

The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy. (hence, “we”, “us”) are obligated to protect the users of the websites it operates (hence, “users” or “you”). This privacy policy (hence, “the privacy policy”) is created in order to inform you regarding the way we manage, collect, store and make use of the information you’re providing us via the various The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy websites: In addition, the following privacy policy describes the means which we take in order to protect the security of the collected by us and how to contact us regarding our privacy regulations.

Please notice that the scope of this privacy policy is limited only to information collected by us via the use you are making of our websites services (whether said use is via any computer being used for access to the website services, including but not limited to stationary computers, laptops, mobile phones or any other electronic device). By using our websites, you hereby accept our privacy policy.

The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy acts to develop and support technological and business ventures in Haifa through acceleration and growth programs for start-up companies, and develops a national crowdfunding platform (hence, “websites services”).

While using our websites we might collect two types of information from you regarding their services:

1. Personal information – meaning information about you that might be used in order to contact you or identify you. Part of the information identifies you personally, such as your name, address, email, phone number, etc. this is the information you are knowingly providing, consenting to, in order to get the information and services presented on our websites.

Non-personal information – meaning, information that, on the face of it, cannot be used to identify or contact you. This is accumulated statistic information. For instance, commercials you’ve viewed on the website, the pages you’ve clicked, websites offers and services that might interest you and more.

We are allowed to collect non-personal information and use it for any purpose, using one of the methods mentioned above, automatically or any other way through the use you’d make in the websites’ services.

You are not legally obligated to provide us your personal information detailed, but you are required to share the detailed personal information with The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy in order to optimally use the websites’ services. In case you refuse to provide some of your personal information you might not be able to use the websites’ services, or this use will be partial only.

2. How do we collect your information?
Joining a newsletter: in case you’d be interested in getting updates from us regarding The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy’s activity, we will be collecting your name and email address.
Contact us: in case you’d like to contact us, you can do so by calling us as well as a few other ways for which we’d have to collect your following personal information:
Email address: we’ll collect your email address, and the content of your message should you choose to contact us via email.
Application: in case you’d be interested in contacting us via an application, we’ll collect your full name, address, email address, phone number and application content.

How do we use your information?
We use the information collected from you in the following manner:

Managing the system and providing website services: we might use personal and non-personal information in order to provide you with the websites’ services and in order to manage, support, solve technical issues, protect and improve the websites’ services, making sure our services are properly operated as well as contacting you.
Messaging: we might use your personal information in order to send you messages regarding the websites’ services, The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy’s activity, surveying as well as giving orders or help regarding the websites’ services and/or your use of them. We’d also use your personal information for sending out newsletters and updates regarding The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy’s activity. As long as you make use of our websites’ services, we’re allowed to use your personal information in order to complete any needed relevant action and contact you regarding the websites’ services and The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy. With that being said, we use your provided email address in order to send you information and updates regarding random news, related services information, etc. If, at any point, you’d prefer to have yourself removed from the mailing list in order to not get any future such messages, you’re allowed to do so at any time through the websites and according to the detailed instructions on how to do so at the bottom of each message.
Adding anonymous information: we’re allowed to add your various types of information collected to other types of information gathered from you, our clients and other business partners, as permitted by law. This collection will be anonymous and accumulated in a way that doesn’t identify you personally via transferring hashed information. Said anonymous, statistic or accumulated information will only be used to improve our products and services. Should non-personal will be gathered for activity that also requires personal information, we’re allowed to add your non-personal information to your personal one, in an attempt to provide you with a better user experience, improve your value and website services quality and analyze how the website is being used. It should be clarified that The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy might add, and transfer information collected about you from the websites in favor of providing its various services on various websites.

3. Providing your personal information
You hereby understand and agree that you might be requested to provide personal information, should it be required by law, in case we believe said action is reasonable in order to avoid our legal liability in order to comply with legal procedures, including and without tsking away from summoning, search warrants or court orders or in order to protect our or third party property or rights, public or any other person’s safety, or prevent or stop activity we deem illegal, unethical or liable or having the risk of becoming one.

With regards to our websites’ services, we’ll transfer your personal information to third parties relevant for said services. Other than that, which is mentioned in this Privacy Policy, your personal information will not be provided, rented out, lent, leased, sold or distributed to third parties (excluding business partner and/or other parties detailed in this Privacy Policy), and we won’t share your personal information with third parties for marketing purposes without your permission, but as detailed in the conditions of this Privacy Policy. Please notice that we’re allowed to sell, transfer or otherwise share some or all of our assets, including your personal information regarding merger, acquisition, reorganization or selling of our assets or in case of a bankruptcy.

We’re allowed and might share persona information with trustworthy third parties that help us in operating our websites, managing our business or supplying our websites’ services. Said third parties or agents may use your personal information only as it is required to perform the services they provide for us and for which they’re required to take reasonable measures in order to protect and maintain your personal information classified.

We’re allowed and might rent the services of third-party companies and individuals in order to help us perform the websites’ services, provide the websites’ services, perform tasks (for instance, without limiting, maintenance upkeep, database management, website analysis and service improvement) or aid us with analyzing the way the websites are used.

4. Storing your information
The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy is storing information collected in relation to our websites’ services on Amazon’s cloud services in Ireland, providing a high level of data security for your information. We’re also taking protective measures in order to secure your personal information. In order to decrease the risk of unauthorized accessing or transferring and for the sake of precisely managing data and making sure of adequate use of personal information, we’re taking physical, electronic and administrative steps in order to safeguard and protect the information we’re processing. In case of any negligent transfer, we will take commercially reasonable steps in order to limit and fix the transfer. However, we cannot vouch that unauthorized third-parties won’t ever be able to bypass these proceedings or make use of general or private information for inadequate purposes. It is your responsibility to protect all passwords and usernames being used by you when accessing the websites, whenever needed, and notify us immediately whether you find out or suspect that any of your passwords and/or usernames have been compromised. You are solely responsible for any unauthorized use being carried out using your password and username, as these exist.

5. Using cookies
We are using cookies in order to constantly and properly run our websites as well as for gathering statistical data on the use of the websites, verifying information, fitting the websites to your personal preferences and for data security. Modern browsers include the option of rejecting cookies; if you don’t know how to do so, please refer to your web browser’s Help file.

6. Third party materials
You might be allowed to enter, check, present or use third party services, resources, contents, information or links for other websites or resources, including The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy accounts on various social medias (hence, “third party materials”) via the websites. The third-party materials are not under the control of The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy and you hereby confirm that you are taking exclusive responsibility and taking the chances that come from entering, use or relying on third party materials, as mentioned. The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy won’t be liable for any damage that will occur to you from entering, use or relying on third party materials using the websites. For your information, this Privacy Policy doesn’t cover the privacy protocols and data security implemented by said third parties, which is why we recommend you read the third parties’ Privacy Policy which you are accessing before providing any personal information.

7. Information viewing right
In case you’d like to view your personal information in our possession, and for finding out any other details regarding your information we possess, please contact us at or via regular mail to 39 HaNamal, Haifa.

8. Rectifying your information
We’d store your personal information as long as you’re using the websites or according to provide you with our services, or as required for our legal obligation, resolve conflicts and enforce our agreements. In case you’d like, within a reasonable manner, that we’d rectify your records on our system, please contact us at and we’ll try to provide you with your request.

9. Privacy in minors
The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy is obligated to protect the privacy needs of minors and we recommend the parents and legal guardians to take an active role in the activity and interest of their children online. We are not knowingly collecting personal information from minors under the age of 18 and The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy is not designating its websites and activity to children under that age. Should we become aware that a child under the age of 18 had provided us with personal information, we will take all necessary steps to remove said personal information, as mentioned, and close the child’s account. Please don’t provide any information on our websites if you are under the age of 18.

10. Privacy Policy changes
We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time. The most updated version of this policy is the one determining the use made in your private and non-private information. In case we, as per our exclusive consideration, decide that updates to the Privacy Policy are a significant change, we’ll inform you of said changes in a message published via the websites. Despite of the above, we are not committed to notify the user of any changes to our said policy which is why the users should visit this page, from time to time, in order to review the most up to date Privacy Policy that applies to them.

11. Contact us
Should you have any questions regarding said Privacy Policy or any other topic regarding the websites’ services, please contact us at .

Last updated: January 2023.

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