Blue Tech
Summit IL.23

Advancing Blue Economy with Tech Innovation

Blue Tech Summit IL.23 Highlights

9:00 – 17:00


Haifa Port

Welcome to the Blue Tech Summit IL.23!

At the Blue Tech Summit, we’ll explore ways to turn the challenges facing the world oceans into opportunities for sustainable economic growth. We do this by focusing on innovation and technology. By bringing together a diverse group of international leaders in the Blue Economy sector, including entrepreneurs,  investors, government officials, and academics, we aim to
accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions for critical issues such as food security, energy, security, and desalination.

Our mission

To accelerate the development and adoption of blue technology solutions that address critical global challenges.

Join us at the Blue Tech Summit and be inspired to contribute to positive action towards a sustainable future.


Credit: Orly Eyal Levie
Hila Ehrenreich
Chief Executive

The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy and Innovation

Lior Hanuka
Lior Hanuka

HiCenter Ventures

Paul Holthus
Founding President and CEO

World Ocean Council

Photo credit: חנה-טייב
Dror Bin

Israel Innovation Authority

Dr. Flavio Corsin
Director of Partnerships


Chris Gorell Barnes
Founding Partner

Ocean 14 Capital

Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou

Tototheo Maritime & President of Electricity Authority of Cyprus

ron malka- credit...
Dr. Ron Malka
Executive Chairman of the Board

Haifa Port Company

Noam Javits
Managing General Partner

Keren Yam

Gil Azevedo
Gil Azevedo
Executive Director

Unicorn Factory Lisboa

Pierre Erwes
Pierre Erwes
Partner, Seventure

Deal Flow & Strategic Partnerships
for BlueForwardFund™ & Founder of BioMarine

Inna official JPEG1
Inna Braverman
Co-Founder & CEO

Eco Wave Power

Hila Antebi Givon


Michael ByungSun Hwang
Michael ByungSun Hwang, Ph.D.

Bigbang Angels

Dr. Moshe Bareket
Advisor, Capital Market & Insurance
Eytan Eshel
Eytan Eshel, BG
Executive VP Technology And R&D (CTO)


Giora Israel cresit Pepe Ramirez
Giora Israel
Former Senior VP Port and Destination Development


Liu Dongbing no credit
Jason D. Liu

Country Representative of CHEC

עופר לינצבסקי צלם אורי לביאopher-
Opher Linchevski

Gadot Group

Amir Foster איגוד הגז הטבעי קרדיט_ ינאי יחיאל
Amir Foster
Executive Director

Israeli Natural Gas Trade Association

-תמי גנות ללא קרדיטtami
Tammy Gannot Rosenstreich, adv.
Deputy Executive Director

Adam Teva V'Din

Galit Cohen
Head of The INSS Program on Climate Change and National Security


Amira Sharon Credit Igal Amar
Dr. Eng. Amira Sharon
Technology Partner

Awz X-Seed

Rotem Cohen
Rotem Cohen
Managing Director

The Israeli Coastal and Marine Engineering Research Institute (CAMERI)- a JV of Israel Ports Company and The Technion

Dr Bracha Halaf Credit Samantha Kretzmar
Dr. Bracha Halaf
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Gravity Climate Fund

Dr. Nitza Kardish

Trendlines AgriFood Fund

Yonadav Buber
Yonadav Buber


Amir Horowitz
Amir Horowitz


Roni Sussman by Moti Biton
Roni Sussmann


Yonatan Musnikow
Yonatan Musnikow
Head of Business Development and CFO


Iris Tzur
Head of marketing & International Relations

Israeli National Center of Blue Economy

Pini Moria
Pini Moria
Senior manager

Sviva Swiss AG

Hannan Carmeli
Hannan Carmeli
Managing Partner


Michael Isakov Photo 1
Michael Isakov


Ram Amar

Reut Zamir

My Ocean Twin

Josef Melchner
Co-Founder & CEO

Gili Ocean Technology & Gosmart Precision Farming

Noa Oren- no credit
Noa Oren
Civil and Marine Engineering Consultant

Former New Ports VP, Israel Port Company


Blue Finance: Investing in Blue Economy

Opportunities and challenges for sustainable ocean innovation

Though ocean-related innovations have made significant progress, they continue to lack adequate visibility in a world where ESG has become a prominent strategic buzzword. How can we ensure sufficient funding for the blue economy through effective public-private partnerships, leveraging blue financing tools, exploring new investment vehicles, and making impact-driven investments? Moreover, what innovative financial tools or business models can address the existing funding gaps? Where can investors generate returns while simultaneously mitigating ocean damage? Lastly, how can we bridge crucial funding gaps as startups mature, thereby enhancing opportunities in the ocean sector and promoting its sustainable utilization?


Energy & Carbon Sequestration

Innovative Technologies and Policy Frameworks for Low-Carbon Ocean Solutions 

We will delve into the significance of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) from the atmosphere for the well-being of the oceans, and assess the various technology options available. We’ll also discuss the crucial policy support, investment, and innovation needed to expand the implementation of CDR. Moreover, we will thoroughly explore the oceans’ role in generating renewable energy and storing it in a sustainable manner. 


The Role of Biotechnology and Innovative Aquaculture Technologies for a changing world

Innovations in sustainable seafood production and marine biotechnology.

The advancement of technologies such as underwater image recognition, autonomous underwater vehicles, machine learning, satellites, and AI has significantly enhanced our ability to explore the oceans, monitor fishing activities, and enhance predictive fishing methods. Can we leverage existing tools and platforms to secure the future of seafood? With the escalating global demand for protein, coupled with stringent environmental regulations and the depletion of fisheries, how will traditional fishing practices and aquaculture adapt and evolve?

Bridging Seas and Sustainability: The Maritime Blue Movement

Charting the course to blue technology practices for a better future.

Innovation and new technologies are currently being developed to accelerate progress toward a sustainable ocean economy. While these are important, it is essential that existing industries adopt sustainable practices. This conference will bring together leaders from various key ocean industries, such as shipping, tourism, and many more, to demonstrate how they can and should positively impact ocean health by rethinking how they conduct business in the ocean. 

Startup Zone

The Blue Tech Summit IL.23 will featured a diverse group of thirty Israeli startups, all developing innovative solutions to address the challenges of the Blue Economy. These startups are working on a wide range of technologies.


Photo Credits

Dror Bin // חנה טייב, Flavio Corsin // AquaSpark, Chris Gorell Barnes // Infinity Focus Photography, Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou // Christos Hadjichristou – The White Leaf Company, Noam Javits // Noam Javits, Hila Antebi Givon // Orly Schneider, Eytan Eshel // IAI, Giora Israel // Pepe Ramirez, Lior Hanuka // Micha Brikman, Galit Cohen // Shlomi Atias, Ram Amar // Eyal Toueg, Reut Zamir // Idan Fine, Hila Ehrenreich // Orly Eyal Levi, Dr. Bracha Halaf // Samantha Kretzmar, Roni Sussmann // Moti Biton, Hannan Carmeli //  Iris Tzur // Orly Eyal Levi, Amira Sharon // Igal Amar, Amir Foster // Yanai Yehieli, Rotem Cohen // Raanan Tal

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The Israeli National Center of Blue Economy

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