Embark on a Sea of Opportunities with our Blue Tech Program

In a bid to propel innovation in the maritime sector, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a program tailored for blue tech startups. Set to commence in March 2024, this initiative is poised to provide a comprehensive support system, offering financial assistance, strategic business development support, top-tier marketing guidance, and support in conducting proof of concept (POC) to prove the viability of their concepts.

The program’s primary goal is to empower sustainable and innovative entrepreneurs, creating a conducive environment for growth and development within the blue tech industry.

Ram Amar, a prominent serial founder and integral member of the 2023 Blue Tech Program cohort, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “If you are in Israel working on an ocean-related startup, I strongly recommend applying. Hila, Iris, Omri, and the entire Blue Economy team are not just supportive; they’re incredibly well-connected.”

Decoding the Blue Economy

The ocean, often considered the foundation of life, also stands as the world’s 7th largest economy by GDP, according to the World Bank. The Blue Economy is a visionary strategy that aims to harness the sustainable use of ocean resources to fuel economic growth.

Emerging sectors within the Blue Economy encompass ocean energy, blue bioeconomy and biotechnology, desalination, maritime defense, security, surveillance, research, education, and infrastructure, including submarine cables and robotics. This initiative aims to tap into these sectors, providing startups with the resources and support needed to explore and contribute to the diverse opportunities within the Blue Economy.

Our program is poised to be a pivotal force in propelling the next wave of innovation in blue tech. Entrepreneurs with a focus on the maritime sector are encouraged to seize this opportunity, set sail on a sea of possibilities, and chart a course toward success. The March 2024 launch date beckons, promising a transformative journey for those ready to make waves in the Blue Economy.

Apply today

For more information and to apply, see or contact us via Applications can be submitted until February 1st.

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